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K. Renato Lings





My Life in a Nutshell

I grew up at the younger end of a large family in a rural
part of West Jutland, Denmark, near the town of Herning. 
My father was a schoolteacher; my mother an organist and 
housewife. Both parents were committed Christians and
active in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark.

My childhood hobbies included studying maps of the world,
reading, raising pigeons, playing ballgames, and roaming the countryside. Music has always been important. I enjoy singing
and playing two instruments: guitar and piano. My favourite
music genres are baroque, folk, classical jazz, and
African-American gospel.

At university I studied Spanish language and literature.
In addition, I have taken courses in modern languages, classical languages, Danish literature, adult education, philosophy, sociology, Middle American anthropology, translation and interpreting, Quaker studies, and biblical interpretation.
In 2006 I gained a PhD in theology.

As an adult I have travelled extensively. I have worked or
studied in several European countries including Spain, the
United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. In the Americas I have lived in Costa Rica, Cuba,
Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

 My teen years were very lonely. Because of social taboos surrounding homosexuality, I took refuge in "the closet",
the spiritual prison in which lesbian and gay people do not
reveal their erotic feelings. Depression was a constant
companion. At 18 I was ready to implode and tried to find
a way out of my emotional turmoil. The physician I consulted referred me onto a psychiatrist. The "help"
I got consisted in being told to wait patiently for a few
years until I felt attracted to girls.

At age 22 I joined the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
At 24, during my first year of Spanish studies at university,
it struck me that the six long years of imposed waiting had 
been in vain: I continued to feel strongly attracted to
male beauty. Fortunately I became acquainted with an
excellent psychologist who helped me to come out.
At last I was able to accept my sexual feelings.

The second major turning point of my life occurred
when I was 43 years old. I slipped helplessly into a deep
existential crisis, in which I faced an abyss of anguish. 
For several months I felt spiritually lost and physically
unwell. One morning I woke up utterly terrified.
I asked
God to show me the way out of the dark tunnel in which
I was trapped.

 The answer came on the third day. It arrived in three parts.
Through different channels well-known Bible
passages greeted me, each one shedding new, unexpected
light on my life: Matt. 25:1430; Nums 6:2426; Luke
 5:1826. In the early evening I attended a brief church
service which brought a deep sense of peace to my heart.
A few minutes after leaving, I heard the voice of Jesus
speaking words of healing into my ear. The effect was extraordinary: all my agony and pain lifted.
It was a miracle.

My vision of Christianity is broadly ecumenical. My
research on the Bible (both Testaments) has taught
me that this ancient work of art is unique. Its 
brilliance is enduring. For me, working with
the Bible is a labour of love. 





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